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Dear Residents,

Sub : Acceptance of online transfer for payment of Maintenance and water bills.

1. As you are aware our colony has many veterans who find it difficult to come to office to make payments.

2. The BOM has decided to facilitate online transfer of funds to make these monthly payments. At present we are sending the amount due from each DU by SMS. The amount includes both Maintenance and Water charges.

Procedure for on line Transfer

3. Those who intend to make payments through on line need to dadopt the following procedure.
a) Go to your net banking site and register JVVHOWA account for making on line transfer of amounts.
b) Normally it takes 48 hours( Two working Days) for activation to enable you to transfer the amounts to JVHOWA.
c) Every month transfer the amount due to the above account before 14th of the month.
d) The transfer has to be invariably followed by e Mail to jvvhyd72@yahoo.co.in and also an SMS to Office Mobile number 7680953171.
e) The e- Mail preferably should have Subject as Utility payments DU... With out DU no Receipt cannot be generated.
f) The mail should contain TX Reference number which is sent to your mobile phone from bank immediately after transaction is completed.
g) It should also contain the amount transferred for Maintenance and for water charges.
h) Please avoid making short payments because balance amount attracts penalty.
i) Date of credit to our Bank a/c will only be considered for generation of receipt and all other purposes including penalties.

4. Any doubts on the procedure to be adopted may be clarified from Secretary or Treasurer.

5. As and when the receipt of money tallied with bank accounts, a SMS is sent as an acknowledgement and a physical receipt is generated and retained in the office.

6. We are confident that all Tech Savy residents and veterans will utilise this facility.

7. The Details of JVVHOWA Bank Account are given below:

Bank A/C No :862410100002648
IFSC Code : BKID0008624
MICR Code :5001322

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